We carry a diverse array of goods from Senegalese woven totes and handmade ceramics to limited-edition textiles from Tokyo. Some of our brands include: Emerson Fry, La Causa, Ali Golden, Mary Meyer, First Rite and Marisa Mason.


What Is Perican Bing?

The name Perican Bing was conceived by owner Dominga‘s daughter, Ruby, who at age 5, gave the moniker to an imaginary woodpecker she claimed visited her each night. Woodpeckers symbolize opportunity and discovery, two tenets of our curatorial process. To us, Perican Bing represents wonder and reverie, which we aim to bring to the shopping experience.


About the Owners

Dominga Ramirez is the women’s apparel buyer as well as head of operations for Perican Bing. She brings 15 years of experience in consumer marketing and promotions for Fortune 500 brands including many in the apparel and lifestyle industry. Her retail experience spans sales, buying and merchandising for luxury department stores and independent boutiques. Her fashion background includes production of a line of women’s t-shirts sold at high-profile stores throughout Los Angeles. She has years of experience styling A-list talent for television spots and red carpet appearances as well as styling for runway and editorial for print and online.

Lynne Nerenbaum is the housewares buyer and leads visual merchandising. She brings her background in fine art to the business having earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from esteemed California College of the Arts. Her art and design background includes practical experience in photography, floral design (traditional and Japanese Ikebana), furniture refinishing and curatorial work. Her retail experience includes visual merchandising and buying for high-end housewares boutiques.