Travel Dossier

It's the time of year when the winter doldrums have us itching to get out of Dodge. I'm headed to New York next week to shop for fall(!). Like many, I prefer to travel light and advocate carry-ons. One of the key tenets I follow on my shopping trips is finding pieces that complement an existing wardrobe and make getting dressed easier. Most items in the shop are perfect for travel and work for various occasions. In light of my upcoming trip, I'm sharing a peek at my travel dossier: clothes that go from day to night with an easy transition! 

Key pieces to make packing for travel easier

Key pieces to make packing for travel easier

When I travel, especially on buying trips, I make sure to pack a range of pieces that do double-duty so I can get the most mileage out of a few things while also ensuring I'm covered for cocktails, studio visits and vendor appointments. 

While I don't support wearing PJs on the plane, there's no reason you can't be comfortable and stylish. I love a tailored sweat pant for travel days and to throw on when I'm running down to the lobby for my morning coffee. 

Sometimes I only have 5 minutes between arriving and happy hour, so I can swap out my sweats for a skinny jean and heels and am ready for wherever the evening takes me!  

For studio visits, I want to be comfortable and look polished, so this tunic over jeans is an easy combo. A deep tote holds my essentials.

I trade in the jeans for knit tights and I'm ready for dinner with old friends.

For my vendor appointments, I want to look polished and represent the lines I carry. I'll pair the bodysuit with high-waisted trousers and a long cardigan in lightweight wool. This tote fits all of the lookbooks I end up lugging around!

Dominga Ramirez