Dressing For Your Age

I was recently told that I don’t look 40. The person who said it meant it as a compliment, but I always struggle with how to respond. For one, this implies that looking your age is a bad thing. And also, what exactly does “40” look like?? As women, we’re expected to look youthful, but also have to make sure we “dress our age,” which to many means no short skirts and no cropped tops; some even shun sleeveless!

I’m happy to say that I’ve broken all of these rules and I’ll continue to do so for as long as I still feel like getting dressed (side note: my sister and I made a pact that when we turn 85 we’re going to relax in matching muumuus and binge-watch Golden Girls while eating artisanal Ho Hos).

As my mom and I were hammering out the look and feel of the store and starting our respective list of designers to carry (she, housewares; me, apparel),  I was committed to stocking silhouettes that would suit different types of bodies and appeal to different age groups. I absolutely love it when an older woman walks out with the same dress that a twenty-something bought the day before. The truth is, while our bodies may change as we age, the way we feel about ourselves and what makes us feel beautiful, should not.

Next week I’ll be 41 and I can guarantee at my birthday dinner I’ll be wearing what makes me feel good. And as I blow out the candles, I’ll be grateful for this past year: a year of risk, learning and resilience. After all, that’s what keeps us feeling young! 

At the store, I’m stocking cropped tops and skinny jeans that I’m confident will look good on everyone, at any age.

This top from First Rite is equally cute with boyfriend jeans as it is with the matching front-slit skirt. And if you’re shy about showing skin, just a sliver shows with the skirt.

Banded top from First Rite ($145) with matching side-slit skirt ($220)

Banded top from First Rite ($145) with matching side-slit skirt ($220)

A new label I'm excited to carry is OZMA, and this raw silk tee is perfect paired with skinny jeans or a pleated pant. In natural and black, sizes XS-L $110.00

OZMA silk tops in natural and black

Dominga Ramirez