Gifts for the Uncommon Mom

As one-half of the mother-daughter team behind Perican Bing,  I can speak for both of us when I say we consider ourselves unconventional. Though my mom dropped out of college to raise my sister and then eventually stay home with me as well, she re-enrolled --art school no less-- in her 40's, and earned her BFA just before turning 50. She was the one at home who fixed the broken water heater and after divorcing my dad, cut her hair, bought a truck and began her pursuit of Salsa dancing. I've tried to honor her legacy with my own life choices, but I don't come close to being the trailblazer my mom is. Regardless, I'm grateful to have her as a role model for me, my daughter and for those lucky enough to experience her character, or just have her as a dance partner. 

For Mother's Day this year, I'm happy to share these gift ideas that are perfect for those uncommon moms in your life who may not follow tradition, but are amazing nonetheless: 

Motherhood Tee by Melissa Sapsford ($34)  

 Splattered mug by Chris Earl ($40), Gold mug ($32) and creamer bird ($25) by Hannah June 

Camisole ($32) and boxer ($30) lounge set 

Meditation hand-poured soy candles ($32) 

Brass jewelry (from $30) 

Dominga Ramirez